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Hi Cody,
They arrived safe and sound! And they are even better than I expected! They are temporarily sharing a tank until my sister sets hers up, but almost as soon as I put them in they were active and exploring. Also, neither we're jumpy like my other gecko was when I first got him, actually they were calmer than I expected.

I couldn't be happier with them, and I will be recommending you to everyone who wants a healthy, quality reptile at a great price! If I ever am looking for another reptile, hopefully it will be from you!

Thank you so much!

"Thank you for the help and the gutload. I love this stuff! Keeps my worms and in turn my geckos happy and healthy.
Thanks again"


"We received him around 1230 pm eastern time. He is beautiful, and Jacob is very happy. Pyro is doing fine, bought some superworms this evening and going to see if he likes crickeets."


"He came right on time this morning.  As soon as I unboxed him I was amazed at how great he looks.  Nice fat tail, and gorgeous coloring.  His calcium dish was full, his feeding dish rock is full of large meal worms, and his water well was full so I had everything ready for his arrival.  I quickly put him into his warm hide, he got comfy... and went to sleep.  Tonight I hope he eats his meal worms.  If he doesnt, however... It may take him a few days to adjust.  Either way he has fresh gut loaded large meal worms available in his feeding dish at all times so he will eat when he is ready to.  Thanks again, Cody he really is amazing!  I will send ya pics from time to time as he is growing.  Thanks again, brother!"


"Love my pair! Profile pic is my male I picked up from you at the sac. reptile convention. Love these little guys!"


"Thanks so much got my buggy food and wheat bran today!!! Super awesome shipping and again top quality grub!!!! Thanks Cody!!!"


"Got the gecko in while I was at school (Parents put it him in his tank)! He is awesome! Much bigger than i thought! And a cool spot on under his left eye."


"Just opened up the box. Man, he looks great! :) I can't wait to see what he produces next year. "


"I recently bought 2 African Fat Tail Geckos at the Sacramento Reptile Show. I am in love with them! They are fantastic, healthy happy eaters. Looking forward to getting a couple more! "


"Cody -- that is a wonderful male, and exactly what I was looking for. Thanks again for a healthy, beautiful Leo."


"Cody -- another successful shipment. You are doing a good job on those SHTCTs. Guess that's why I have a few of them now. LOL."

Thanks again.


"Cody -- good job, dude!  Perfect packing, great communication, healthy Leos.  The "Pro" in your name is well deserved. Thanks for the wonderful Geks."


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